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An accomplishment a long time in the making...

Writing a book can be a daunting endeavor, but one that is also full of rewards and blessings, most of which you will never see coming. It is not a task for the faint of heart, but it will set you on a journey of discovery like none other. I learned that I have no limits when it comes to my writing (and in many other aspects of my life) other than those I set upon myself. When I refrain from seeing things as obstacles and instead view them as opportunities, my writing flows with joy and grace, and I am contented for that day. The next day is simply a new day to write with fire and heart, to create something which I hope will draw others in and make them feel inspired.

When I first began to write my "Donemere's Music" series, I believed I would be lucky to get more than a hundred pages written. Seven years later, I had over eleven hundred pages in just that one book! I knew that book was unpublishable in its extant form, so I wrote a book in an entirely different series and genre and left DM alone for several years.

During that intervening period, I also traveled to and worked on two other continents, which included living in Chile for three years. I returned to the US and, in late 2015, I decided to make DM a viable story. To that end, I split the megabook I'd written previously, took out any real-world references (mostly songs), and started to imagine more. The results of those efforts are the first two books in the series, both of which are showcased on my website,

I find that other people are perhaps a bit more impressed than I am by the fact that I have two books published and am working hard on the third book in the same series. For me, it is a matter of course, as essential as breathing, so it does not appear all that praiseworthy to me to have accomplished all that--exciting, yes, but not worthy of anyone's awe. And that is wrong of me, because I am highly pleased with the results of my efforts. The books are good, really good, and the story is just getting started. I can't wait to see where my characters take me next.

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