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Donemere’s Music is an uplifting Fantasy fiction and adventure story about a woman, her lovable dog and her dour cat, and several good friends of them all. In the first book of the series, Thy Path Begins, Donemere Saunders, an everywoman of modern times, is sent back to an ancient world to become a powerful witch, a situation she fights wholeheartedly until she finally accepts her magical power as the gift it was always intended to be. In the second book in the series, The Cunning Sister Arises, Donnie must rescue her friends and rise to meet her true destiny.

Be on the lookout for the third book in the series, coming in 2018.



“I am merely a novice, and sometimes a fool, and am only now learning to wear the cloak of my destiny.”

Magic is a lark to Donemere Saunders, something her feline familiar Sylvester believes she will never take seriously. But as Donnie embraces the mantle of power thrust upon her, she realizes that she can do wondrous things with her gift and she begins to understand why she has been given it. But there comes the day when her adventures turn heartbreakingly real and Donnie must find her place in her family’s rich magical history to become the Fægre witch she was always meant to be.

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Within the depths of Moên Flírbann, this weird and wild adventure had stopped being about going home and had suddenly become viciously personal. Donnie now had a score to settle with Valley Guy.

Donemere Saunders must soon meet her destiny, a destiny she sees more clearly with each passing day. But first she must free her friends from captivity and find a way to defeat Valledai in battle. Through the trials the gods set for her, Donnie learns to relinquish her fears so that she is fully prepared to wield the immense magical power that Fate and the gods have in store for her. But can she be ready to take on that responsibility before it’s too late?

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