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My Story

As the youngest of five children, I spent a lot of time in my head while I was growing up in Pennsylvania. While almost everyone else in the family was a doer, I was a thinker, plain and sure. If I wasn't reading a book or watching a movie, I was forever making up my own imaginative stories to keep myself occupied. My sweet, funny mother encouraged me in this and was the one who instilled in me my great love of a good story. To this day, an entertaining tale will turn my head and make me forget all about those other things I really should be doing. While that may seem silly to some, to me there is nothing better than to be transported into the midst of an absorbing adventure.

Which doesn't mean I don't get out into the real world. I have and I do, and I have the photos to prove it! Seriously, all of the photos used not only on this site but also on the covers of my "Donemere's Music" series of books have been taken by me. You see, I love the natural world nearly as much I love writing about my Fantasy worlds, so I spend a fair amount of time walking through forests, fields, beaches, mountains, and even the occasional desert or two. I have a bit of the modern witch in me, so Fantasy is my preferred genre, although I dabble in Science-Fiction too.

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